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Sensory Activation Solutions (SAS) is the brainwave of Steven Michaëlis and is the culmination of nearly 40 years of research relating to how we learn and how we can be more effective in life. The methodology and programmes are developed and researched in the U.K., The Netherlands, Poland and Turkey and are being used by individuals, families and schools throughout the world and are available to private clients at SAS Centres in U.K., The Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Australia.

An international team of knowledgeable, experienced and creative people form the backbone of the SAS organisation. Their commitment to finding the right solutions and to providing the very best service is matched to a holistic and caring attitude where the client always comes first.


The international team is headed by Steven Michaëlis and Kaśka Gozdek-Michaëlis, but all staff members throughout the world contribute to the further development of the SAS methodology and expansion of the organisation


SAS is represented in Poland by SAS Centre Polska / Publisher-Innowacje, based in Cieszyn, southern Poland.

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